Mazda Dashboard Warning Light Symbol Meanings Explained

By Product Expert | Posted in Stories of Interest on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 at 4:00 pm
lit up oil warning light on a dashboard

Guide to Mazda Dashboard Warning Lights and Their Meanings

Your Mazda may be reliable, but just about every car will display a dashboard warning light from time to time. It happens, and although sometimes it can be cause for concern, it isn’t always a situation of immediate danger. But, how do you know? Many drivers are confused by what certain warning indicators mean, which is why we’ve put together this guide to Mazda dashboard warnings lights and their meanings.

Below, you’ll find some images and descriptions that should help you learn more about what certain dashboard warning lights mean. The examples shown below are for the 2016 Mazda CX-9 and should be relevant for other current Mazda models, though certain warning lights may differ slightly. If you have a warning light that doesn’t seem to fit with the guide below, feel free to contact us at Mazda of Midland or check your owner’s manual.

Guide to Mazda Dashboard Warning Lights and Their Meanings

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What Do the Different Colors Mean on Mazda Dashboard Warning Lights?

Now that you have a better understanding of what Mazda dashboard warning lights mean, there is still one more point of confusion to clear up, and it deals with the colors of the warning indicators. When you see a warning light up in your dashboard, it might come in a variety of colors: red, amber, green or blue.

The only one you will likely see in blue is the symbol for your high beam headlights. The other colors do have a meaning, however, and you can think of them similar to traffic lights. For example, a light in green usually simply indicates that a vehicle system or function is on and operating as expected.

An amber color, on the other hand, would indicate a vehicle problem that should be looked into as soon as possible. Despite this, it is likely still safe to continue driving the vehicle until you’re able to get it to your Mazda service department. Red, however, often indicates a potentially more serious issue and the need to handle that issue right away. Keep in mind that this is not always the case, though, as lights for Sport mode, shift position and others also light up in a red or amber color.

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If you have further questions about this guide to Mazda dashboard warning lights and their meanings, just reach out to us at Mazda of Midland. Now that you have an explanation of these Mazda warning light symbols, you should be able to operate your vehicle safely and get it the care it needs as soon as possible.

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    My Mazda 2 (2016 model)is showing an amber car, can you advise me what this means?

  8. Jean Sugden says:

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